We are a team of young and fresh minds who share the passion for things well done. We are experienced organisers who have spent time traveling and living around Italy and China. In creating our plans, we merge our competences to let you delve into the complexities in a easy yet meaningful way and to enjoy the best that Italy has to offer.


Frequently, we have found friends, business partners and clients from China asking us, “Where should we go to experience Italian culture?” “How to experience Italy as an insider?” “Who can help me dig deeper in the Italian creative sector and find fresh ideas?”

We realized that there was a strong potential for creating this service. We understood that many overseas visitors’ time in Europe is limited. It is for this reason that we felt compelled to develop a way for guests to enjoy a convenient, yet unique and invaluable journey through Italian excellences.




We are Sara and Benedetta, two experience designers born and made in Italy, located in China, globally minded. Our goal is to create meaningful experiences, whether they regard a design project or a crafted journey around the world. We aim to create meaningful design systems, and we share the best ones we find in our daily life on wearepanglossian.com.


Hi, I’m Elijah. I’m the one who balances the figures in this design realm. You can easily find me making a business call while ordering an iced americano, shaking hands with someone I just met and spreading optimism all around. My drive and determination make me a quick learner and a strong team coordinator. Let’s get things done, the world is here to be enjoyed!


Put together design, architecture, the travel industry, journalism, writing, education, a bit of (glutenfree) cooking, a lot of colours, creativity and an insane endless research of beauty, and you find me. I work in the tourism industry, creating and developing itineraries and experiences for archi- and design-lovers. When I am not taking clients to discover Milan you will find me in the kitchen organising social dinners at my place. I love all I do.