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Brand concept
Bacan is a Latin American restaurant and Mezcaleria nestled in the heart of Venice, Italy. More than a restaurant, it's a celebration of Latin American vibrancy and Venetian vivacity. The brand essence revolves around the fusion of cultures, where the down to earth Latin American mood meets Venice sophistication. Hence the name Bacan, lively and bustling atmosphere that defines the term in the local Venetian dialect.

Logo design
At the heart of Bacan's visual identity is a logo that echoes the aesthetic of ancient Maya and Inca cultures. The font, customized for Bacan, draws inspiration from these rich traditions, creating a unique and authentic visual language that sets Bacan apart in the heart of Venice.

Color palette
Drawing inspiration from the warm red-brown soil of Latin America, Bacan's color palette is a rich blend of earthy tones. These hues, when set against the backdrop of Venice, create a unique visual experience that transports patrons to the heart of Latin America while embracing the charm of the Italian city.

Photography style
Our photography style captures the essence of BACAN, showcasing the warmth of Latin American-inspired dishes against the backdrop of Venice's unique charm. The visuals invite patrons to savor not only the flavors but also the rich cultural tapestry that defines the BACAN experience.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021