Blu House

Hong Kong

○ Menu Design

Brand concept
Blu House is an exquisite Italian restaurant infused with brightness and refinement, located at the ground floor of the Rosewood Hotel in Hong Kong. Our cocktail menu design draws inspiration from Italian traditions and lifestyle, evoking the charm of traditional Italian newspapers with a classic and sophisticated touch. The graphic of the menu design is a marriage of classic elegance and the vibrant spirit of Italy, guiding patrons through a journey that captures the essence of Italian lifestyle.

Font choice
The font choice for the menu is a nod to classic Italian newspapers, bringing a touch of nostalgia and authenticity. The timeless serif font exudes a sense of tradition, capturing the essence of Italy's rich literary heritage. Each letter is a piece of craftsmanship, reminiscent of the meticulous detailing found in traditional Italian prints.

Graphic and layout
The layout is carefully curated to showcase the drink menu items with clarity and elegance. Each section finds its place in the front page newspaper graphic, guiding patrons through classic and modern cocktails. Hand-drawn sketches adorn the pages, adding a personalized and artisanal touch to the menu design. These graphic elements serve as visual cues, ensuring a seamless and delightful navigation of the beverage offerings.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021