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Darkside, Yin Yang Menu

Hong Kong

○ Logo Design
○ Merch Design
○ Photo Shooting
○ Scene Setup
○ Style Directing

Our latest project is the menu design and photo shooting for Darkside Bar at Rosewood Hotel Hong Kong. Our collaboration with Darkside Bar resulted in a unique and immersive menu experience inspired by the profound philosophy of Yin Yang.

The menu design revolves around the dualities of Yin and Yang, creating a harmonious visual narrative. The centerpiece of the design is a sophisticated box and a playful wheel, both embodying the balance of opposites.
The concept of the menu resonates with the traditional philosophy of Yin Yang, embodying the interconnectedness and balance of opposing forces.

Color Palette
The color palette, carefully curated for Darkside Bar's Yin Yang menu, consists of dark blue and off white, adorned with rose gold touches. This combination not only reflects the elegance of the Rosewood Hotel brand but also enhances the overall aesthetic, creating a luxurious and inviting ambiance.

Box Design
The box lid features a mesmerizing mirror-shaped Yin Yang. Half dark blue (Yin) and half silver (Yang), it symbolizes the interdependence of opposites. On the Yin side, the Kowloon skyline, with Rosewood Hotel at the center, is elegantly depicted. On the Yang side, the iconic buildings of Hong Kong Island take center stage. Inside the box, eight carefully curated cocktails (4 Yin and 4 Yang) await, each named after opposing forces: Heaven and Earth, Bright Side and Dark Side, Mountain and River, Sun and Moon.

A playful addition to the menu design is the interactive wheel, allowing guests to spin and let fate decide their chosen cocktail. This element introduces an element of surprise and delight, encouraging a sense of spontaneity in the ordering experience.

Photo Shooting: Yin Yang Duality
Set One: For the photo shooting, we meticulously crafted two sets to capture the essence of Yin Yang. Set one features the iconic light and dark sand, with gentle waves. Each Yin cocktail is positioned in the light beige sand, representing the dot of the Yin force in the Yang, and vice versa. This set not only reinforces the concept of interdependence but also brings a touch of nature to the visual storytelling.

Set Two
Set two introduces a contrasting black and white background, symbolizing the duality of each cocktail. The interplay of light and shadow highlights the intricate details of the drinks, creating a visual representation of the harmonious coexistence of opposites. This set adds depth and drama, emphasizing the balance inherent in the Yin Yang philosophy.

Glass Customization
To elevate the overall experience, customized glasses have been designed exclusively for this menu by local and overseas artisans. The glassware complements the Yin Yang concept and adds an extra layer of sophistication to the presentation of each cocktail.

Launch and Duration
The Yin Yang menu is set to debut on November 30th, 2023, and will enchant patrons for an entire year. The launch marks a celebration of balance, opposites, and the timeless philosophy of Yin and Yang.

Panglossian Studio is proud to present a menu design that seamlessly blends sophistication, interactivity, and cultural resonance. The Darkside Bar's Yin Yang menu is a visual and experiential journey, inviting guests to explore the delicate dance between opposites in a captivating and luxurious setting. Join us in celebrating the art of balance at Darkside Bar, where every sip is a harmonious journey through the philosophy of Yin Yang.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021