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La Cabana


○ Branding
○ Logo Design
○ Menu Design
○ Merch Design
○ Uniform Design
○ Space Design
○ Photo Shooting
○ Creative Direction

Brand concept
La Cabana captures the essence of tropical luxury, where the carefree spirit of beachside cabanas meets the sophistication of a trendy urban bar. It's a destination that seamlessly blends contemporary allure with the laid-back charm of tropical getaways.

Logo design
La Cabana's logo embodies modernity and trendiness. The contemporary font choice reflects the bar's urban chic persona, while the fluid lines and relaxed spacing evoke the casual elegance of beachside cabanas. The logo is a visual promise, inviting patrons to experience a sophisticated oasis where relaxation meets style.

Color palette
Drawing inspiration from sun-drenched sands and the natural warmth of wood, our color palette ranges from inviting beige to rich brown. These warm tones evoke the textures of sand and wood, creating an ambiance that is both cozy and stylish. The hues provide the perfect backdrop for a vibrant, tropical-inspired experience.

Interior design
Inside La Cabana, our interpretation of the cabana concept takes on a more sophisticated and urban persona. Palm trees cast shadows against the walls, vintage mirrors add a touch of nostalgia, and relaxed wooden lounge chairs create intimate seating areas. Tropical patterns on textiles and decor elements bring the beachside feel indoors, transforming La Cabaña into an oasis in the heart of the city.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021