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Project description
Felino is a new Modern Neapolitan Trattoria nestled in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Our branding venture aimed to blend the rich tapestry of Neapolitan culture with a modern aesthetic twist.
At the heart of Felino's brand identity is its distinctive logo—a street cat confidently holds a typical Neapolitan hand gesture in its mouth, a gesture deeply rooted in local folklore for warding off bad luck. This emblem not only pays homage to the restaurant's Italian roots but also adds a touch of charm and authenticity.
The typography, intentionally rough around the edges, echoes the rustic vibes of a traditional trattoria. This design choice adds to the brand's warmth and approachability. The logo and typography dance together, creating a visual language that effortlessly bridges tradition and modernity.
The distinctive logo is the main design element on the staff uniforms, crafting a cohesive and effortlessly stylish look.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021